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Cardiff Cruisers

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  • Cardiff Cruisers – strap on skates
  • Designed to fit a variety of footwear with their Automatic Size Adjustment technology
  • Perfect for beginners and pros alike
  • Cardiff Cruiser Large fits sizes UK Adult 3.5 to 12.5 
  • Cardiff Cruiser Small fits sizes UK Youth 14 to Adult 7.5
  • Cardiff Cruiser Youth Lime fits sizes UK Youth 11.5 to Adult 4
  • Cardiff Cruiser Youth Strawberry fits sizes UK Youth 11.5 to Adult 4
Cardiff Cruiser 1
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Whether you’re a seasoned pro skater or whether you fall over as soon as put them on (and we have both here in the Menkind office), these strap-on Cardiff Cruisers are the roller skates that will make learning to skate that much more fun and simple.

Designed to fit over your shoes – so you don’t even need to bare your smelly socks to the world to try them out – these skates can work with any kind of footwear, from plimsolls to big, chunky boots (again, we’ve tested this one personally, and they even fit over Doc Martens!). Once they’re on, they'll feel familiar to seasoned skaters but with the unique benefits that the large diameter, narrow width wheels bring. They're super stable to start with, and those big wheels will easily roll over even the most awkwardly placed pebble without you even noticing. When you get going, these babies can go seriously fast - and the clever heel brake wheel means you'll be able to slow down safely and stylishly too. 

Even if you’ve never worn a roller skate in your life before, you’ll find yourself pottering along in no time and for the more experienced skater, these Cruisers allow easy movement, spins and stable trundling along with minimal muss and/or fuss (take your pick).

Coming in a variety of sizes – from kids sizes to Cruisers that can stretch to size twelve and a half in U.K. Adult size – the Cruisers are designed to fit a variety of size feet thanks to their unique Automatic Size Adjustment technology. This means that one pair of Cruisers can fit a child or teenager through several growth spurts in a row (saving the need to replace the skates after three weeks for all you money-conscious parents) or can easily be shared amongst your friends so everyone can have a turn. 

With incredible versatility and stability, these skates are perfect for beginners and skating pros alike. They're about as far from the clunky metal monstrosities some of us remember from our misspent youths as you can get!