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Casio G-Shock M100SB Watch

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  • Sturdy and rugged G-Shock watch from Casio
  • Multi band radio control for incredible accuracy
  • Highly resilient plastic/resin case
  • Solar-powered movement
  • Powerful design that lends an air of “prepared”
  • Three sub-dials add to the practicality
  • 2-year guarantee
Casio G-Shock M100SB
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The G-Shock range of watches is designed to be one of the most resilient on the planet, surviving just about everything one could feasibly throw at a watch (or indeed throw a watch at). The M100SB is no exception to this ethos, with a host of features that make it well worth taking on an adventure.

This watch is designed to withstand almost anything: the rugged-looking case is rendered in black plastic/resin material that makes it both lightweight and survivable. The case has a water resistance of an amazing 200 metres: this watch won’t just keep working in the rain, it will laugh in the rain’s face and put on a proverbial pair of sunglasses. If you fancy going into a typhoon (or for a swim), this might be the watch to take with you.

If that weren’t enough, the dark blue dial adds to the impressive list of features not only by being stylish, but by having sub-dials for date, day and power measurement. Better still, though, is what powers this baby. Tough Solar movement is what drives the hands of this watch, meaning that the only time it’s going to run out of power is if you happen to run out of suns to power it with – since that’s not due for a billion years, you’re probably safe.

The icing on the cake is the M100SB's multi band radio control. This means that it's always sychronised with an incredibly accurate atomic clock, so you never have to worry about setting the time, even when you cross time zones - the watch will simply adjust itself to the local time. Sadly it also means that you'll never be able to use it as an excuse for being late! 

This is the watch for danger, excitement and the great outdoors. If you’re willing to meet the challenge, you know what to do.


  • Case width: 45mm
  • Case depth: 14mm
  • Case material: plastic/resin
  • Strap type: rubber
  • Water resistant up to 200 metres