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Corkcicle Aerator and Wine Chiller

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  • Integrated cork, aeratic and chilling system for open bottles of wine
  • Remove Corkcicle from the freezer then pop it into an open bottle
  • Wine will then be at the perfect temperature for up to 45 minutes
  • Feature a pour-through spout and aerator that airates whilst you pour
  • Made from BPA free plastic and contains a non-toxic thermal gel
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Wine lovers - this is a fantastic innovation and great alternative to the messiness of an ice bucket. 

The award winning Corkcicle is a new way of keeping your wine at the perfect temperature. With the new Corkcicle Air, you can now AERATE, chill and pour all from a single device. The original Corkcicle  was great however this innovative design has now been upgraded with a pour-through spout and an aerator. Pour out directly from the bottle without having to remove the Corkcicle and as you pour, the wine experiences instant aeration which helps enhance the flavor profile instantly  - equivalent to “letting it breathe”.

No need for messy ice buckets or fancy coolers, just leave your Corkcicle in the freezer for up to 2 hours and then when you open your wine, pour out under half a glass of wine (so it doesn't overflow) and pop in the Corkcicle. Once you've finished, just wipe the Corkcicle down and place it back into the freezer ready for next time. 

The Corkcicle contains a food safe freeze gel which when put into the freezer will look exactly like a block of ice, ingenious! The Corkcicle is not only for white wine, you can use it on red wines to bring them back down to cellar temperature if they have been left out and become overheated. The trick to this is to not to leave the Corkcicle in the freezer for as long, try 30 minutes of freezer time and then put into your red wine.