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  • One size fits most drinks
  • Perfect for setting up for long sports games or sedate evenings in
  • Works on various types of sofa arm
  • Weighted band ensures max stability
  • Measures approx. 42cm x 15cm x 6cm
Couch Coaster 1
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Coffee tables are nice and all, but what you really need when you want to have a cup of tea or a can of beer is to have it right next to you. In the days of yore, this could only be achieved with a dangerous gamble of balancing your glass, can or mug on the armrest of your sofa or chair and praying to the gods that the thing would stay put.

But no more! With the CouchCoaster, you will be safe from the risk of your beverage falling from your armrest and ruining your floor, and you won’t need to put your drink more than arm’s length away. The silicone mug, can or glass holder sits atop your armrest and the weighted arms dangle down, making sure that it stays firmly in place.

Perfect for an evening in with a cup of tea and a soap, or a beer and your favourite sports game.