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Crossbow Target 400

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  • Four coloured scoring rings and bullseye
  • Perfect for practicing your shooting skills
  • Comes with a hook for effortless hanging
  • Measures approx. 41 cm diameter x 3 cm
  • Crossbow sucker darts stick to the board
Crossbow target
Crossbow target Cross target 400 0
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If you’ve got your crossbow we can imagine you’ve have an awful lot of fun already, as there’s a reason these awesome firing machines have been a favourite for centuries.

But there comes a point where you want to be able to hone your skills and become masterful in your hobby. Either that or everything in your house has inexplicably broken and you have absolutely no idea how that may have happened!

Moving swiftly on….this target will save your remaining crockery and give you a fantastic sturdy target all at once! This target displays the traditional coloured scoring rings with an incrementing points system from 10 to 75 points with a central bullseye. This robust target measures 41cm in diameter, so the perfect size to put your skills to the test!