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Crystal Growing Kit

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  • Create your own selection of sparkling crystals with this Crystal Growing Kit
  • Choose from one of the 14 experiments included to make your own crystals
  • Includes all the kit you need such as chemicals, petri dishes and protective glasses
  • All experiements are completly safety tested
  • Great gift for any aspiring Chemists or Geology lovers
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Create your own home-made quartz crystals of varying colours and sizes with this Crystal Growing Kit. The kit comes with a whole array of different pieces of equipment to make crystals in no time at all, including: 2 different chemicals, 3 petri dishes, 5 plastic containers with lids, 2 plastic moulds, 1 large measuring cup and so much more. Once you've created your own home-made crystals you can stand them proudly on the featured stand, so you can display them to the world. 

Choose from one of 14 different experiments to create your own glimmering crystals and use the booklet provided to not only learn how to create crystals but find out about they were formed in the Earth millions of years ago.



  • 2 different chemicals
  • 3 petri dishes
  • 5 plastic containers with lids
  • 2 plastic moulds
  • 1 large measuring cup with lid
  • 2 measuring spoons
  • Eyedropper
  • 15 granite base rocks
  • Protective glasses