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Dame Edna 'No Tears' Onion Glasses

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  • Prevent onion odours from affecting your vision with these hilarious glasses
  • They feature a tight foam seal to stop onion odours irritating your eyes
  • In the style of the iconic Dame Edna glasses
  • Strap at the back to stop the glasses slipping when in use
  • Measure 14cmx 6.5cm. Please note colour may vary
Dame Edna 'No Tears' Onion Glasses
Dame Edna 'No Tears' Onion Glasses Dame Edna 'No Tears' Onion Glasses 1
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Why is it that every time you try to prepare a simple spag bog, the simple task of cutting up the onions sends you into a frenzy of tears as if you have just seen The Notebook for the first time. Well make sure that any man doesn't look like a soppy ball of tears with these hilarious Dame Edna style Onion Glasses. 

These novelty glasses will leave everyone around you crying with laughter, but the wearer will have perfectly dry eyes as these glasses have foam seals around the edges to prevent onion odours from effecting your eyes. It also features a strap at the back of the glasses to make sure they stay securely on your head. For anyone who can't face cutting onions without welling up these are the perfect gift.

Colours available red, pink, black and yellow. Please note we cannot guarantee the colour provided.