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Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey

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  • Dave - the Funky Shoulder Monkey is a fun interactive remote control toy
  • Place him on your shoulder and keep the pocket sized remote control hidden
  • Decide what he does via the four behaviour modes on the control
  • Gestures and sounds include a burp, a laugh, scratching, waving and crying
  • Comes with shoulder strap to keep Dave on your shoulder
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Meet Dave, the Funky Shoulder Monkey. He just loves being the centre of attention. Sit him on your shoulder and he'll be turning heads in no time.

Dave is a great companion and a born entertainer. Show him off to your friends and family and he won't fail to impress. Dave has a gesture or sound for every occasion burp, laugh, scratch, wave, cry, and even breaking wind! You decide what he does via the four behaviour modes using the pocket sized remote. You don't have to be a ventriliquist to operate him either as he's much more than just a boring old puppet!

How does Dave work and interact with his friends? Simply perch him on your shoulder - the pack includes a Monkey Shoulder Support to ensure Dave travels in comfort and style. Next, place the remote control in your pocket, or behind your back anywhere out of sight will do. The control features four different shaped buttons (behaviour modes) so selecting the right one is easy.

The remote control has four behaviour modes each of which has associated actions and sounds. Use these in any combination to bring Dave to life. He really is a remote control toy with a difference.

Behaviour Modes:

        • Conversation Modes
          Nod Head/Conga Drums
          High Five (1)/High Five (2)
          Shake Head/Bored Yawn
          Handshake(1)/Handshake (2)
        • Puppet Mode
          Look Left/Double Take Left
          Look Right/ Double Take Right
          Look Down/Fall Asleep
          Go crazy/Total Freak Out
        • Action Mode
        • Giggle/Big Laugh




          Dance/Blow Raspberry


        Scratch Left/Scratch right
  • Greeting Mode
    Wave/Wave harder
    Act Shy/Act More Shy
    Look Left Wave/Wave Harder
    Look Right Wave/Wave Harder

What's in the Box?

  • Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey!
  • Remote Control
  • Shoulder strap to keep Dave on your shoulder
  • Instructions for Use
  • Includes all batteries for use 5 x AAA