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Drinking Bird

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  • Quirky toy for the office
  • Drinking bird uses properties of thermodynamics to function
  • Cycle repeats itself over and over
  • A simple gadget great for the office desk
  • Bird comes with a tophat and bow tie 
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A cool executive toy is this quirky Drinking Bird, a classic office gadget that works using properties of thermodynamics, converting thermal energy into mechanical energy. Simply dunk your birds head into a drinking glass of water, the bird cools from the evaporation which condenses with the liquid vapors in the head creating a partial vacuum. The liquid inside the body base of the bird is warmer then the head, hence at higher pressure and rises up the tube to fill the lower pressure of the head. When the bird tilts forward, it lets the liquid drain back and the cycle repeats.

When the temperature is more humid, the bird moves more slowly but doesn't stop. If you find that your Drinking Bird does stop working then try dipping the head in vinegar for an hour - the head collects minerals from the evaporating water - vinegar will dissolve most of them. 

No batteries required. Individually boxed.