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Embarrassing Dad Jokes

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  • A book of embarrassing jokes taken from Dads the world over    
  • Fun novelty book of a collection of typical Dad jokes
  • Ideal gift for a Dad who always comes out with those bad one-liners
  • "Why Did the Banana got to the Doctor's? Because he wasn't peeling well!"
  • In hardback - comprising 224 pages
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If your Dad thinks he's the funniest thing since Tommy Cooper, then this is the perfect book for him. It's full of "Dad" jokes, and everyone has heard a bad Dad joke right? Your father's sense of humour is the type that make you groan and sigh with embarrassment, while he laughs on his own to the punch line. These are the types of jokes he loves to bring out on weddings and birthdays.

This book of embarrassing Dad Jokes is full to the brim of witty gems, some of which are so bad they actually blossom into serious rib ticklers. Be warned though- do not tell your Dad this, it will only encourage him! And it's not just the way that you tell them. Dads have always been renowned for being truly godawful joke tellers. Whether it's telling them at the wrong moment, misremembering the punchline, or it just simply being a terrible joke to begin with, dads are an embarrassment. 

Embarrassing Dad Jokes would make an ideal gift for your Dad, to not only tell him how much you love him, but also how much you hate his jokes. "Why did the banana go to the Doctor's? Because he wasn't peeling well!" Nuff said really.