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F*** Box

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  • Hilarious expletive voice box
  • With 16 ‘F’ based profanities
  • Perfect for tedious chores
  • Guaranteed to raise a laugh
  • Explicit content – 18+ only
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Have you ever been stuck in a board meeting or dull phone call and wished you could just let out a WTF or STFU? Well now you can bring along this handy piece of tech that’ll shout the expletives for you!

The F*** Box is small enough to slip into a bag or jacket pocket and is certain to provide hours of entertainment with its overt use of f*** based phrases. The box is innocuous looking with a fun blue plastic exterior and bright red buttons. The words F*** Box are emblazoned on the top and each button has an acronym of the expletive underneath it. Some are obvious like WTF but some may require you to test them before you understand what they mean, for example does anyone know what NWF means?

Each button has a different voice with various accents to really maximise the effectiveness of the particular phrases. The box uses 3xAG13/LR44 batteries which are included. To change the batteries simply use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the casing on the back. Please note that due to explicit content this product is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

So why not grab this hilarious tongue-in-cheek gift for the guy you know that loves to let out a choice ‘F’ word now and again!