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Fidget Widget Pen

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  • Fidget Widget Pen – functional pen with fidget toy fun
  • 6 different ways to fidget – switches, sliders, buttons and more
  • Perfect stress relief
  • Ideal for classrooms, offices and other stress-inducing settings
  • Measures approx 17cm x 1cm
Fidget Widget Pen 1
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Before the days of the ever-present Fidget Toy, people had to make do with more improvisational means of keeping their hands busy when they were stressed at work. Pretty much everyone has had a bout of messing with their pen while at their desk, whether at work or school – twirling or tapping their way to feeling marginally less nervy about some exam or deadline. These days, the fidget toy has largely usurped the traditional ballpoint’s place of honour in the battle against stress. Now, however, the humble ballpoint strikes back, with the Fidget Widget Pen.

A fully functional ballpoint pen, perfect for all inking duties from notes to signatures to sticky-notes, the Fidget Widget Pen is a 17cm long piece of fidget toy genius, covered from top to bottom in a variety of different fidgeting apparatuis perfect for clicking, poking, turning and toggling.  From switches to sliders to little clicking buttons, there’s always something to do with your fingers on this pen, ensuring you’ll never get bored and your stress can drain away as you work.

For the ultimate combination of pen and plaything, this Fidget Widget Pen cannot be beaten.