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Flexible Screwdriver

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  • Flexible screwdriver- 12-bit ratchet screwdriver
  • Works within tight spots and around corners
  • Extends up to 15" long
  • Grip holds 12 interchangeable screw bits
  • Ideal for fixing your car
Flexible Screwdriver
Flexible Screwdriver Flexible Screwdriver Flexible Screwdriver 1
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Why is it that everyday screwdrivers just aren't long enough to fit into small crevices and tight spots around your home? Whether your bleeding your radiator or tightening your car engine bolts, you need a screwdriver that can reach those places your arm simply can't slip through. This Flexible Screwdriver can squeeze into the smallest of spaces and fix practically anything!

The flexible design of this screwdriver means that it can extend up to a massive 15" long and bend around any corner. It also works with a ratchet action, making for quicker, easier and more familiar use.

This flexible screwdriver features an additional 12 interchangeable screw bits for complete customisation, which include: square/robinson, hex, slotted and phillips head screws.