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Funny Fun Kids Charades

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  • Children's version of the classic hilarious mime party game
  • Race against the clock to be the first to solve each charade
  • Each team must compete to answer from each of the 6 categories
  • Includes Score pad, mime cards, sand timer, die, pencil, and rules
  • Great fun for kids and adults - perfect for after Christmas lunch!
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Normally charades is a game that only adults play (usually after a few glasses of wine!), but now the classic miming game can be played by kids as well. This classic party game will really test your acting skills and is packed with hundreds of different mimes to choose from, so your children will be enjoying themselves for hours on end.

Each team must race to be the first to act out and answer a charade from each of the six categories. Some of the mimes include "Tying yourself in a knot", "Scoring a penalty" and "Winning a three legged race", so your acting skills will really be tested, and remember you can't speak, otherwise you lose your turn. Each turn is played against the clock so you'll have to be able to think on your feet and try to give your fellow players every chance of getting it right!

Contents include:  Score pad, mime cards, sand timer, die, pencil, and rules.

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