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Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game

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  • Adult board game based on the old classic drinking game Fuzzy Duck
  • Basically, either take a drink or do a dare
  • Dares include "Run on the spot for 30 seconds with your drink in your hand"
  • Pack comprises instructions and Dare cards
  • Perfect for boys nights, stag dos or student gatherings
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We all know that Fuzzy Duck normally just involves some beers and your mates. You know the one where the game starts off with someone saying fuzzy duck to the person directly to their left. This process continues around the table until someone says does he? The direction now changes but now players have to say ducky fuzz instead.

Now this classic drinking game is a board game which is perfect for boys nights in, stag dos or any time when mates are together sharing a few! It dares to Duck you up, literally! Take a Drink or do a Dare. Simple as that. Mind you, after a while and after a few, things may get a bit tricky! This adult drinking game is for 2 or more players aged 14 + (although we wouldn t condone anyone drinking alcohol under the age of 18). Dare we say please enjoy Fuzzy Duck responsibly.

  • 50 cards  
  • Set of instructions
  • Score pad and pencil
  • Timer
  • For 2 or more players aged 14+.
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