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FX-123 Spare Batteries

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  • Spare 7.4V 1,000mAh lithium battery for FX-123 drone
  • Comes in white or black to match your personal drone
  • Charge time approx. 240 minutes once installed
  • Lasts approximately 13-15 minutes
  • Measures approx. 10cm x 5cm x 4cm
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Let’s talk hard fact here, folks. You don’t want to spend lots of money on an awesome drone only to have one battery that lasts all of 15 minutes. If you’ve been looking forward to a weekend at the park, that tends to be more than a little vexing, especially considering how much fun a drone is – nobody likes their fun ending prematurely.

Fortunately for those of you who are in possession of an FX-123 Quadcopter, we have the answer to that conundrum, in the form of these handy Spare Battery sets. Coming in a choice of white or black (to match your personal FX-123), these Spare Battery packs – containing one Lithium 7.4V 1,000mAh battery - are sure to get you back in the air in no time.