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German Emden U16 R/C Submarine

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  • Glide through the water in this German Emden U16 R/C Submarine
  • Can plunge to depths of 0.6m and resurface at the touch of a button
  • Can move forwards, backwards and turn 360 degrees
  • Features inner and outer hull and ballast tank for buoyency
  • Requires 6xAA batteries (not included) and measures 145mm
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Glide through the water undetected with this amazing German Emden U16 R/C Submarine.  This remote controlled version of the real U16 that scoured the waters during the war is 145mm long and has a 3 channel 27MHz radio control system which lets you slip through the water silently.

Place it in your fish tank or plunge it into deeper waters to see its real potential. Not only can it move forwards and backwards, it can also plunge to depths of 0.6 meters and resurface at the push of a button! It can also spin 360 degrees if you need to change direction rapidly and make a quick getaway.

So how does it work? Well rather than having a simple outer and inner hull this submarine also comes equipped with a ballast tank, which lets you control the buoyancy of your boat. When the submarine is on the surface, it means the water inside the ballast tank has been emptied.  By emptying the ballast tank of water it allows air to replace it, which reduces the overall density of the submarine. This makes the submarine more buoyant and able to surface. When you wish to dive then you replace the air with water, this increases the overall density of the submarine, and thus the submarine will sink. Users can control this action using the ‘Dive’ and ‘Surface’ buttons available on the hand held remote.

The front of the submarine features a flashing LED light for you to track your submarine under the deepest and dingiest of waters and the boat can last up to an incredible 15 minutes on a single charge.

Requires 6x 'AA' 1.5v Batteries for Transmitter (Not Included). Ages 14+ 


  • 3 motors installed to control the Static Diving, Propeller & Rudder system respectively.
  • Static Diving System, enables the submarine to float & dive up to 0.6 meters depth
  • Single Drive Screw Propeller System, enables the submarine to move forward,backward, left, right. Maximum speed reachs 0.1m /s
  • Micro Size rudder System, enable submarine to rotate 360 degree clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  • Workable range up to 3 meters ( Indoors )
  • User friendly charging by plugging the provided charge cable to both transmitter & the socket located at deck front.
  • Full charge takes around 20 minutes
  • Action Time up to 15 minutes
  • Only 145mm long
  • Front LED Light
  • Superb lifelike paint Job


  • Length: 145mm (5.7")
  • Height: 48mm (1.9")
  • Weight: 85g (3oz)
  • Width: 33mm (1.3")
  • Radio System: 3 Channel 27.195 MHz (Inc.)