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Giant Gyro Flyer Black

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  • Really big flyer – 790 mm long!
  • Ideal introduction to outdoor ‘copter flying
  • Inbuilt gyro for super stable flying
  • Large 1500 mAH battery for long flight time
  • 3 channel controller for accurate aviation
  • Two speed modes for beginners and experts
  • Control distance: Approximately 50 m
  • Flying time: Approximately 8 mins
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries (not included)
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Mankind has constantly striven for the power of flight since we first saw a mighty eagle soaring on the wind. Now we have easy access to incredible flying vehicles (and we’ve seen off most of the eagles) but for the masses personal flight remains a distant pipe dream, the province of science fiction. Sadly we can’t offer you a personal jetpack (yet!) but the next best thing surely has to be taking to the skies with your own remote control helicopter.

The Giant Gyro Flyer is the perfect introduction to the world of outdoor flight. Its three channel 2.4 GHz controller features two speed controls, making it both the ideal beginners tool and a more challenging option for experienced flyers too. Its inbuilt gyro stabilisation makes for – you guessed it! – extremely stable flight and a beefy 1500 mAH battery will keep you in the air for around 8 minutes.

But our favourite thing about the Giant Gyro Flyer is just how damn big it is! There’s something deeply satisfying about taking a big, solid craft up into the air that you just don’t get with little lightweight flyers. Just watch out for those eagles… 

Technical Specifications
  • Model: 2.4G Gyro X/L Helicopter
  • Length: 790 mm
  • Width: 120 mm
  • Height: 280 mm
  • 2.4 GHz controller: 3 channel
  • Control distance: Approximately 50 m
  • Flying time: Approximately 8 mins
  • Charging time A/C charger: Approximately 4 hrs
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries (not included)
  • 2.4G Gyro X/L Helicopter
  • 2.4 GHz 3 channel remote control
  • 7.4 V 1500 mAH li-ion rechargeable battery pack (for helicopter)
  • A/C charger
  • Extra blades (two main blades, one tail rotor)
  • Instruction manual
  • Screwdriver
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