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Gold Bullion Paperweight Doorstop

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  • Novelty Gold Bullion paperweight or doorstopper
  • Full replica gold bar size- 1KG "Gold Bar"
  • Features authentic hallmarks "Fine Gold, 999.9"
  • Dimensions: 14.5 cm x 6 cm x 4.5 cm
  • Perfect desktop accessory to impress work coilleages!
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We may all be hard up these days, but that's no reason to act that way! The fact that the pound is not even worth the paper (or alloy) it's printed on shouldn't be a problem.

Apparently these days it's safer to invest in gold than putting money in all those banks! At least Gold Bullion is a commodity you can hold in your hand (or both hands, it's quite heavy really). So why not start your new investment opportunities with this Gold Bullion/Paperweight or doorstoppper. Ok, it's not literally made of gold but has that gorgeous gold effect that King Midas himself would envy!

Features the hallmarks of "Fine Gold, 999.9" and "Net weight 1000 grams", but unfortunately, the comparison ends there, sorry! However you will still have your friends and relations gasping in disbelief as they stub their toes on this little beauty, and the best thing is that you didn't forked out over £27,500 for it either (that's the going rate for a kilo of gold at the moment apparently).