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Grippy Black

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  • Grippy anti- slip mat perfect to stick gadgets and loose change
  • Suitable for vertical or horizontal surfaces such as a car dashboard
  • Grippy is both water and heat resistant - simple to clean
  • Made from high quality black silicone - leaves no residue
  • Ideal practical gift for those always on the go
Grippy Black
Grippy Black Grippy Black 1
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Stick practically any gadget or loose item to this sticky mat - perfect for use in the car! Are you fed up of your gadgets, lighters, sunglasses, etc, flying off the dashboard of your car as you turn a corner? Grippy sticks almost anything and leaves NO sticky residue. Safely attach coins, parking tickets, lipstick, phones, mp3 players and more to the pad.

This anti-slip mat ensures that everything is kept in place - and when you are ready to remove the item, simply pull it off gently without leaving any residue or causing any damage to your gadget. Plus, this mat can be washed with warm soapy water whenever it loses it's 'stick'. It is not only water resistant, but also heat resistant - so it will not be damaged by the sunbeams coming through your windscreen.