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Gross Magic Kit

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  • Compendium of some of the most revolting tricks and practical jokes
  • Play tricks on your friends and disgust your relatives
  • Tricks include pulling slimey poo for an empty toilet or create slime
  • Hatch cockroach eggs or liquidise eyeballs into red slime 
  • Great for the budding magician - suitable for ages 8+
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The Gross Magic Kit is a compendium of some of the most revolting tricks and practical jokes you can buy. Turn your friends green with envy - and green with disgust! If you want magic with a bit of attitude, magic that's not only cool, but a little bit rude, a little bit naughty even, then Conjuring feats that are guaranteed to produce groans of nausea from your victims audience.

Old fashioned conjurors can keep their rabbits and red silk hankies; instead pull brown slimey "poo" from an empty toilet, clean a snotty rag with the flick of a wrist or magically fill an empty dustbin with rubbish. Liquidise eyeballs into red slime, 'hatch' cockroach eggs or create green slime. It all guarantees horrified hilarity from your audience. These tricks are definitely not for the squeamish.

Suitable for Ages 8+, children can horrify family members like Granny or old Aunt Agatha and all of their friends as well.