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  • Gutterhead- board game for adults
  • A crude mixture of Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary
  • Very offensive
  • Optional drinking rules
  • Perfect for risqué dinner parties, hen parties and stag do’s
  • Suitable for ages 18+
  • 4-16 players
  • Average game play 30-60 mins
Gutterhead 1
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Ever been at a party, and there’s that one person who doesn’t understand the rules to the drinking game you all want to play? Then you have to explain over and over again, by which time you’re stone cold sober. Yeah, us too. So annoying.

Gutterhead has this problem solved, and within 90 seconds! Sounds perfect. Even more perfect, it’s a ‘love child of Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity’, you can only imagine how out of hand this not-so-innocent board game gets.

All you have to do is split in to teams and decide which team goes first (however which way you want, our preference is whoever ate curry last, rolls first, classic). Roll the dice, then pick up and read a card. Show that one card to one person from each team, count down from 3, and all teams start drawing. First team to guess correctly wins the round! Repeat until the finish line is reached. Not so hard, eh!

Travelling the board with different coloured poop-shaped tokens and drawing obscenities from 5 different categories, there are 240 crude playing cards for you and your friends to portray on the whiteboards included. From Donald Trump to Money Laundering and Beer Goggles, there’s a lot to get through. There are 2 play routes, ‘quickie’ and ‘marathon’, and optional boozy drinking rules to up the ante. Basically, it’s a game that has it all.