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Motion Control Drone Spare Rotors

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  • Designed for the Motion Control Drone
  • Keep your drone in tip-top form
  • Comes with four spare rotors
  • Pack measures approx. 11cm x 7cm
Motion Control Drone Spares
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So, we’ve a slight admission to make... Sometimes, we crash drones. Yes, we know, it’s not a thing we should be admitting. It’s shameful, even. After all – we’re professionals, we should know better. But we do indeed, crash drones sometimes. And we bet, though you don't have to admit it to us, that you do sometimes as well. Even the cute little Motion Control Drones.

Fortunately, the Motion Control Drone Spare Rotors pack should solve any accidental dents, snapping or other catastrophic calamities that your poor little motion drones have suffered from mishaps of navigation. Each pack comes with four rotors – two black, two yellow to get your drones back on their proverbial feet and flying free in no time. Problem solved!