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Handsfree Umbrella Black

In stock
  • The umbrella redesigned
  • 'C' shaped handle stays put on your wrist
  • Sleek and simplistic design
  • Classic black style with popper holder
  • Ideal for texting, pram duty, carrying shopping and other handy activities
  • Measures approx. 90cm long
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It’s difficult to make an umbrella that greatly shifts the fundamental design that has existed for many centuries. Nonetheless, there is occasionally a subtle new addition to tried and true designs, to make them more convenient or take advantage of new technologies.

In the case of the Handsfree Umbrella, we are granted a new tweak to the classic umbrella layout. With the traditional hook handle of the umbrella not merely replaced, but extended to an almost complete oval shape, you’ll be able to hook the brolly onto your wrist for 360° brolly action. With this, you’ll be able to easily rest your umbrella on your shoulder while you text with both hands, making phone handling on a rainy day much easier. It’s also handy if you’re pushing a pram, or if you have anything else that needs both of your extremities on standby.

In short, this brolly makes going for a walk on a rainy day that bit less inconvenient: ideal for the busy modern lifestyle.