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Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

In stock
  • Official Harry Potter merchandise
  • Beautifully designed chess set based on the iconic film sequence
  • Contains 32 pieces – 16 white, 16 black
  • Pieces measure between 5cm and 12cm tall, approx.
  • Board measures approx. 31cm squared
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One of the most iconic scenes in the Harry Potter series – whether you prefer the books or the films – is the chess match sequence at the end of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, in which our heroes must play a game of chess on a giant board. Now, we can’t give you a giant chess set (no wizards in the office, alas), but we do have this awesome replica of the chess set from the movie, and it is a beauty.

With the design of the chess pieces based on the giant pieces from the movie (minus their magical motion) and moulded from high-quality plastic, this is a super accurate piece of memorabilia, and it’s perfect for sitting down with a friend or family member and playing a bout with them. Definitely not one for the Potterheads amongst you to miss out on.