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Hexbug Nano Space Cosmic Command

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  • Incredible Cosmic Command Set for Hexbug Nanos
  • A whole host of different ways for your Nanos to explore!
  • Lifts, corridors, airlocks, spaceships, buggies and more!
  • Variable configurations for maximum fun!
  • Comes with two Hexbug Nanos
  • Nanos require 1 LR44 battery each (included)
Hexbug Nano Space Cosmic Command 1
Hexbug Nano Space - Commercial Hexbug Nano Space Cosmic Command 5 Hexbug Nano Space Cosmic Command 1 Hexbug Nano Space Cosmic Command 2 Hexbug Nano Space Cosmic Command 3
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Everyone remembers the Hexbugs, right? Tiny robotic critters that scurry around scarily similarly to real creatures, navigating around all sorts of obstacles with ease. Well, now  they’re in for a real obstacle course, thanks to this super-huge, spacey sci-fi Cosmic Command centre.

Designed to allow your little bugs to scurry up, down and all around, this spacey set comes with a whole host of accessories to enjoy. Your Nanos can fit inside a cool spaceship and explore the galaxy, traverse spacey corridors and pathways and go through awesome airlocks! They can also try out the awesome gravity trainer and truly prepare for space travel.

Even cooler, they can wear their brand new spacesuits to go beyond the confines of their base. And for real rugged outer-space exploration, your Nanos can drive one of two awesome little buggies, complete with a host of customisable parts and accessories. In short, this set is all about creating tons of opportunity for spacey adventure! The set can be customised to a variety of configurations for maximum versatility, and once it’s all set up your little Nanos can run free and enjoy their scurrying action!

For anyone in love with little robots, sci-fi command centres or both, this set is the perfect gift.