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His and Hers Board Game

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  • His and Hers Board Game - are we really that different?  
  • This game celebrates the difference between Men and Women 
  • With 400 Questions cards - 200 Pink for girls, 200 Blue for boys
  • Some questions have adult themes, however not an over 18's game
  • Played in two teams - The Boys vs The Girls. Suitable for Ages 16+
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Pour the drinks, gather your friends around and get ready for a battle of the sexes with this His and Hers Board Game. Men are endlessly mystified about the contents of a woman's handbag, their wardrobe and what they read in their magazines... equally, women don't understand a man's need for gadgets, power tools and their obsession with sport.The His and Hers board game is a celebration of our differences as seen through everyday THINGS. Divide your friends into single sex teams, and have some FUN celebrating what makes women women and men men.

Playing is easy; guys take the blue playing piece and girls take the pink playing piece. Put them on their START spaces at the edge of the board. On each turn, a member of the NON-playing team asks the playing team the questions on the card. This person is the Question Master. Players then take turns at being the Question Master. There are three types of question cards - there are four questions on the back of each card.

  • Picture Cards - on which there is a picture that the questions relate to.
  • Theme Cards - on which all the answers have a common theme.
  • Pot Luck Cards - on which there are random questions.

Game Contents

  • Playing Board
  • 400 Question Cards (200 Pink and 200 Blue)
  • 2 Playing pieces (Pink and Blue)
His and Hers is definitely not a "rude and crude" game, but please note that a few of the questions do have adult content.