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BKP 5 Motor Back Massager

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  • Powerful back massager for your aching joints and muscles
  • Features 5 motors for an even relaxing massage
  • Soothing heat pads ease muscle stiffness and tension
  • 10 programme remote control varies massage speed and intensity
  • Includes a 12v adaptor for you to use in the car
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Relieve those aching joints and tired muscles with this Shiatsu 5 Motor Back Massager from Homedics, which features a heat pad massager that targets upper back and lower back pain. 

The 5 inbuilt motors provide the user with comforting vibrations to sooth any immediate pain. The featured 10 programme remote control allows you to vary the massage speed and intensity so you can target specific muscle groups, making it perfect to attach onto your armchair at home for a relaxing massage after a long day at work.

If you often take business trips in the car for hours on end then you can use the included 12v adapter to use this massage chair in the car. It easily fits onto your car seat for use on long journeys when you're tired or in pain.