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Incredible Hulk Bodyknocker

In stock
  • Officially licensed Marvel merchandise
  • Keep away from Generals, Abominations, Scarlet Witches and puny gods
  • Solar powered Bodyknocker, rocks when exposes to light
  • Hulk does not smash
  • Faithfully replicated design from the comics
  • Measures approximately 15cm tall
Incredible Hulk Bodyknocker 1
Incredible Hulk Bodyknocker 1 Incredible Hulk Bodyknocker 2
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Hulk famous! Hulk iconic comics character! Hulk get Bodyknocker made that look like Hulk! It rock in sunlight! It look like comics version!

Okay, so maybe Hulk speak isn’t the best way to convey how awesome this Bodyknocker is (honestly, about the only thing Hulk speak conveys is… well, ‘Hulk SMASH!’), but take it from us, this is one decorative figurine that truly is Incredible.

Solar powered, it rocks gently when exposed to light, making it a fun little novelty piece to have on your desk at work or on a mantelpiece at home. Modelled after Hulk’s classic comic-book appearance, it even comes with his scowling face glaring out at… well, just about everyone, really.

We’d say don’t make him angry, but to be honest, he already looks pretty mad…