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Murder Mystery Diamonds Aren't A Girls Best Friend Game

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  • Solve the murder of the mystery man found in a lifeboat
  • Players must don a character persona and find the murderer
  • Set in 1919 after the Russian Revolution
  • Includes a range of dinner recipes, music and character descriptions
  • For 6-8 players and includes a follow along DVD
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It's 1919 and society is still reeling from the drama of the Russian Revolution. Families have been divided, conflicts have arisen and all of the Russian people live in fear. Yet the revolution did not simply effect the common people but the Russian Royal Family were effected too. The Tsar, his wife and children have all been murdered and the other members of the royal family are nervous to see what their fate may be. As they attempt to escape Russia on board the British HMS Winston, a stoaway is discovered, face-down in blood on one of the lifeboats with a jewel encrusted knife in his back . Who is he? Who murdered him? Why is the dagger covered in jewels and whose is it? These are all questions that you will have to answer as you attempt to discover the mysteries of this Inspector McClue game.

For lover's of the popular Murder Mystery series this is the perfect game to play with a group of friends. All you have to do is choose which of your friends play's what character and create a shopping list for the food you want to serve at your party. Then after your meal you have a tricky murder to solve.
This game includes a DVD with a special cameo appearance by Michael Winner. This game is guaranteed to be drop dead fun, and is ideal for lovers of the murder mystery series of games. This game is for 6-8 players and suitable for ages 13 and up.
Box Contains:
  • Party Planner with rules, receipts, music and decorating tips 
  • Character booklets including their roles, background information and a few tasty secrets 
  • Place cards 
  • Party invitations with envelopes for each character 
  • Six secret clues 
  • CD with introduction, scene setter, summary of events and solution to the crime


Characters include:

  • Dowager Empress Marie – The mother of the murdered Tsar and the great matriarch of European royalty, she is reluctant to leave Mother Russia for the first, and maybe the last, time.
  • Prince Felix Youssoupov – The playboy prince whose behaviour scandalised St Petersburg and is most famous for being the man who killed Rasputin.
  • Princess Ivana Legova – A niece of the Tsar, she is reputed to be the richest woman in Europe, particularly since the death of her financier husband.
  • Grand Duke Boris Borisovich – One of the great landowners of Russia, though the source of his wealth is still something of a mystery.
  • Captain Pretty – The naval officer in command of HMS Winston is very young for such a position, but he has a distinguished war record and is expected to rise high in the service.
  • Martha Harry – An American journalist who has been covering the Revolution for the Washington Fox and now seems in something of a hurry to leave the country.
  • Charles Bronstein – With mixed American and Russian parentage, he has been brought along to act as translator between the royals and the naval officers.
  • Jane Bond – An Englishwoman who was employed as a nanny for the Tsar’s daughters and is now accepted as almost part of the family.