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Isis Metal Puzzle Gold

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  • Metal orb puzzle covered in Egyptian hieroglyphics featured on Dragon's Den
  • Crack the code that opens the Egyptian orb to win!
  • Open hidden pyramids around the world with key inside.
  • Pyramids contain gold & silver coins worth thousands of pounds!
  • Isis is the first of five puzzles planned for the (IAS) the next 5 years.
Isis Metal Puzzle Gold
Isis Metal Puzzle Gold Isis Metal Puzzle Gold 1 Isis Metal Puzzle Gold 2
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As seen on BBC2's DRAGONS' DEN

Welcome to the ISIS Adventure, possibly the most difficult puzzle in existence, Now it's your turn to put that theory to the test.

The ISIS Ball is an alloy orb constructed in layers and covered in hieroglyphics. All you have to do is open it by cracking the combination. You've heard of the riddle of the sphinx, well this is bound to rival any ancient conundrum! Once you've cracked the combination and opened the orb, a physical key and unique key number will be revealed. The key opens one of the ISIS golden pyramids which are hidden in secret locations throughout the world.

The golden pyramids contain tens of thousands of pounds - a gold coin worth £500 and a number of silver coins worth £20 each. The designers are so confident that the code cannot be cracked that they have put up money for anyone who can do it! Sounds irresistible. It is!

"The ISIS is the result of years of research and development and is completely original. The game promises to challenge the most astute and intellectual of minds. Once you pick one of these things up, it becomes a real obsession and you just can't put it down until you crack the code....but that may never happen!" Andrew Reeves (creator)

And Every ISIS is unique, and handmade by precision engineers. It also looks and feels beautiful,  presented in a high quality black leather puzzle box, which has 4 pictures with codes hidden within each, code clues are revealed as you open the box. The first person to solve the codes will win £1000.00, the puzzle box has not been solved so far - So, let your Isis Adventure begin!

Did you knowthat "Isis" was the Egyptian Goddess of Magic and Life? Who knows, she might still possess the magic to help you solve the isis and golden pyramids and reward you with an isis coin worth 500.00pounds

  • Isis: Approximately 6.5cm diameter
  • Box dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 15cm