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Wasgij Destiny Only Fools and Horses Jigsaw

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  • Wasgij Destiny Only Fools and Horses Puzzle
  • Features 2 x 1000 piece jigsaw so will provide hours of fun
  • Once completed measures approximately 68 x 49cm
  • Perfect gift for fans of the TV hit series
  • Ideal for those who like a good puzzle 
Wasgij Destiny Only Fools and Horses Jigsaw
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Are you looking for a fun puzzle for someone special? This Wasgij Destiny Only Fools and Horses “This Time Next Year…” is a hilarious 2 x 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle in one box so, unlike traditional Wasgij, you can puzzle both the image that is printed on the box and the solution (finished jigsaw puzzle).  The scene printed on the box shows characters Del Boy and Rodney are enjoying a few drinks down their local pub, The Nag’s Head, and imaging what things will be like ‘this time next year…’ if they to ever make that million that they’ve always been dreaming of. So what do you think this scene will look like if Del Boy and Rodney happen to ‘come into’ that money they’ve always wanted?

That is the image of the ‘solution’ jigsaw puzzle you have to piece together! Remember - this is a 2 x 1000 piece Wasgij set where you can piece together the image shown above AND the ‘solution’ image.

Wasgij Destiny is the time-travelling, puzzling concept where puzzlers have to use their imagination to piece together what the image printed on the box will look like in its future. The finished size of the two puzzles measure 68 x 49 cm (approximately).

So why is Wasgij so popular? With traditional jigsaws the puzzler builds the image that they can see on the box. With Wasgij they have to build an image that is different to that shown on the box. Although we give a few clues, Wasgij really challenges the puzzler to use their imagination. Put that together with great drawings and pictorial humour and it is no surprise that Wasgij has topped the jigsaw puzzle charts for so many years. This fabulous Wasgij Destiny jigsaw puzzle has been produced by Jumbo’s artist – Bill Houston.