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Wasgij Christmas Mystery Shopper Jigsaw Puzzle

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  • Puzzle it out with the Wasgij Christmas Mystery Shopper Jigsaw 
  • 2 x 1000 piece puzzle, highly detailed images providing hours of enjoyment
  • Humor carton design, illustrated by Neil Easton
  • A puzzle from the popular Wasgij range
  • The perfect puzzle choice for a puzzle pro
Wasgij Christmas Mystery Shopper Jigsaw Puzzle
Wasgij Christmas Mystery Shopper Jigsaw Puzzle Wasgij Christmas Mystery Shopper Jigsaw Puzzle 1
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Wasgij Christmas 10: Mystery Shopper! is a hilariously festive 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. The image shown on the box shows a store full of shoppers trying to pick up the best xmas bargains in the lead up to Christmas Day. The illustration is packed full of Christmas decorations that are hanging from the ceiling, Christmas tree and employee’s dressed up – but what has caught the shopper’s eyes? That is the image of the ‘solution’ jigsaw puzzle you have to piece together! Remember - this is a 2 x 1000 piece Wasgij set where you can piece together the image shown above AND the ‘solution’ image.

Once completed, both the jigsaw puzzles measure 68 x 49 cm and are of a high quality finish.  Wasgij Christmas is the brainteaser puzzle concept (that is the same as the Wasgij original concept) where you have to work out the cause of the scene in the puzzle box image and discover why the characters in the illustration are looking so shocked? Can you use the clues to determine what has happened? Use your imagination and puzzle what everyone is looking so surprised about. Remember, only the puzzle holds the answer! 

Illustrated by Neil Easton.