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Kasa Smart Bulb LED Strip

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  • Incredibly adaptive lighting system
  • Choose from 16 million colours
  • Low energy cost efficient bulbs
  • Control up to 32 Kasas at once
  • 3 metre LED strip with sticky back adhesives
  • Use safety cutting lines to shorten the strip
  • 24/7, 365 day app scheduling
  • Bulbs feature 15 year life expectancy
  • Perfect for adding a new dimension to any room
  • Strip measures approx. 3 metres long
Kasa Smart Bulb LED Strip
Kasa Smart Home Bluetooth Low Energy LED Lighting – Powered by Veho Kasa Smart Bulb LED Strip Kasa Smart Bulb LED Strip 2 Kasa Smart Bulb LED Strip 3 Kasa Smart Bulb LED Strip 4
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Transform your home from dull and drab to colourful and exciting in an instant with the incredible Kasa Smart Bulb LED Strips.

This ingenious gadget is a 3 metre strip of LED lights which comes packaged with 3M sticky back adhesives that allow you to place the strip wherever you like in your home. You can even adapt the strip to a shorter length using the safety cutting lines included.

Now you have your strip, it’s time to customise your lighting experience! To get started, download free app from the iOS and Android stores to change the lighting as often as you like. Choose from white or yellow hues and 16 million dimmable colours, then preset rooms or groups of lights and adjust them to match your mood, all through the sleek app. 32 separate Kasa lights can all be controlled via one app, allowing you to have a rainbow themed interior which you can edit all at once or alter each light individually.

Thanks to the low energy LEDs built in, the Kasas will give you up to 15,000 hours of beautiful lighting which is equal to around 15 years when used for 3 – 4 hours per day

You can also easily schedule your new lighting system too, so you could have the lights on for when you get home, or tell them turn off after bedtime. Using the countdown on the app, you can let the lights slowly fade into darkness which we think is perfect for bedtime, especially for children who are scared of the dark. 

Technical Specifications
  • Energy rating: A+
  • Lifetime: 15,000 hours
  • Voltage: 220-240V AC 50Hz
  • Android app support: 4.3+
  • Apple app support: iOS 6.0+
  • Bluetooth low energy: 4.0
  • Range: 30 metres
  • Max connections: 32
  • 1 x Kasa Smart Bulb LED Strip
  • UK, EU, US and AUS regional adaptors
  • Quick start guide
  • Full manual
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