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Kerfuffle Game

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  • Kerfuffle is the hilarious strategy board game
  • Connect the die together on the board to play
  • Each die must be the same number or an adjoining number to connect
  • To win simply get rid of all your dice and you must follow the rules on the cards
  • Fun family game and ideal for those rainy days!
Kerfuffle Game
Kerfuffle Game Kerfuffle Game 1
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Dab your hand at this hilarious board game called Kerfuffle, which simply involves a set of dice and a pack of cards. Sounds easy right? Well it's trickier than you may think. 

To play each player must choose a card and roll one of their die. Each die on the board must connect to one another, but they can only connect if they are the same number or an adjoining number. For example you can have pairs, triples, quadruplets or even a straight line. You have to do all this whilst doing one of the challenges, such as you may have to play the entire round with your tounge sticking out! In order to win the player must get rid of all their dice on the board.

This game is for 2-4 players and is suitable for ages 8 and above and contains over 100 dice.