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Laser-X 2 Player

In stock
  • Suitable for ages 6+
  • Includes light and sound effects
  • Box contains 2 blasters and 2 receiver vests
  • Accurate up to 60 metres
  • Features interactive voice coach
  • One on one and team modes available
  • Requires 6 AAA batteries
  • Measures approx. 28cm x 18cm
Laser X 2 Player
Laser X 2 Player Laser X 2 Player 3 Laser X 2 Player 4 Laser X 2 Player 5 Laser X 2 Player 2
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Laser Tag: a bit like a video game, but in real life, with real people, and a whole lot more running about. Once the preserve of specialised arenas, nowadays laser combat has spilled out into the streets and into your homes. Fortunately, you can prepare to fight back and hold the line, with the Laser X 2-player game.

The aim of the game is for you to blast your opponent’s receiver vest with your own blaster. This is made easier to keep track of by the full-colour lighting effects, allowing you to keep track of shots and hits as you go. You get ten shots per "clip" before needing to reload, and every receiver can take eight hits before you're out. For those of you more used to being cannon fodder than MVP, however, fear not, because for every minute that you're not hit, you gain a life point back!

This awesome laser tag set also features an interactive voice coach, giving you feedback on your performance during battle ("Get out of there!"), and helping you to shape up, soldier! Even cooler, you’re able to plug in headphones in order to hear the soundtrack and sfx that go along with your game. Best of all, this set is compatible with other Laser X sets, meaning that – when combined with the team-up function – you can engage in full-blown laser-tag conflict with your friends and family, and turn this experience into an en masse frree-for-all or even an all-out war!

So lock and load, and let battle across the garden commence!