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Lazer Maze Logic Game

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  • Test your brainpower with this Lazer Maze Logic Game
  • Guide the laser through a series of mindbending puzzles
  • Place each token strategically on the grid to connect the laser beam
  • Includes 60 challenge cards for players of all skill levels
  • Mindbending logic game improves brain power
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Put your problem solving skills to the test with this Lazer Maze Logic Game, which asks players to guide a laser beam through a series of mind challenging mazes. To play simply select a challenge card, place the tokens on the grid as instructed and arrange the tokens so the laser beam hits each individual token. The aim of the game is to ensure that the laser beam hits all of the tokens and to check if your solution is correct simply press the button on the top of the laser token to engage the laser beam.

This game includes 60 challenge cards from beginner to expert to test players of any skill level. You can even play it with a friend, just each choose a challenge card and work out who can solve the solution quicker.

The Lazer Maze Logic Game is ideal for anyone who enjoys a brain teaser puzzle and it can help stretch and sharpen your mind. For ages 8+