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Light Grooves

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  • Bright electroluminescent charging cables
  • The more charge required - the faster the flow!
  • Micro USB and eight pin lightning choices
  • Suitable for tablets, smartphones or Apple devices
  • Cables measures approximately 80cm long
Light Grooves 1
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If you ever sat in science lessons wondering what the earth was going on, we feel your pain. Watching your teacher make illegible chalk drawings on a dusty blackboard in order to explain theory after theory wasn’t the most exciting way to spend your days. But it turns out that all that science stuff is pretty damn amazing, and that sometimes you just need to see it with your own eyes.

As you can imagine, we were pretty excited when we plugged in these cool cables for the first time, transforming our charging experience from an everyday inconvenience to an awesome light show! Whenever you plug in these cables via the micro USB connector, you can sit back and watch as the incredibly colourful electroluminescent light technology surges through the cable.

The speed of the light depends on the amount of charge that your device requires – the more it needs the faster it flows, and when charging is complete, the lights will disappear. Each Light Grooves cable is approximately 80cm long, with styles suitable for iOS, Android and Windows devices.