Lost Universe Customers

What’s happened to Lost Universe?
Lost Universe and Menkind have been run by the same team for some time now and we thought it best to merge them into one, creating a bigger and better one-stop shop for licensed pop-culture merchandise. All the great Lost Universe products you’ve come to know and love are on the Menkind site, the only difference being there is now more to choose from! Our customer service team remains the same, so if you have any questions, we are ready and waiting, just like before.


Can I still track my Lost Universe order?
Don’t worry, all your order data is still with us, so, if you need to get in touch, we have it safely tucked away in our system. Any tracking information for existing orders will still work. If you have any issues at all, please get in touch.


I have an existing order and/or pre-order with Lost Universe. What will happen to my order?

No need to worry! Your order and/or pre-order will be processed as normal.


How do I return something I bought from Lost Universe?
It’s simply a case of contacting Menkind’s customer services. All your returns will be handled by the same warehouse team as quickly and hassle-free as possible. For more information on how to do so, please visit the Menkind returns page


Can I still see my Lost Universe order history?
No, this information wasn’t moved over to the Menkind site. However, we still have it recorded with our customer service team, so it’s not lost. If you’d like to know anything about your order history, please get in touch.


How do I contact customer services?
You can contact us through our 
contact page. Alternatively, please email customerservices@menkind.co.uk.


Will I receive communications from Menkind?
If you received emails from Lost Universe, you will now receive emails from Menkind. They’ll be created by the same team who wrote your Lost Universe emails and will be full of exciting news about special offers, discounts, hot new merch, and more!


Will you still have sale campaigns and offers?
Definitely! These will come from Menkind and give you the chance to enjoy some serious savings on a wide range of products.


What will happen to the social channels, Facebook and Twitter?
We’ll be rebranding the Lost Universe social pages to Menkind, with a focus on licensed pop culture merchandise. But, it’ll be the same team delivering loads of exciting content. Please follow the Menkind social channels here: