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Please note: Sadly letters O and V are temporarily out of stock

Don't forget to select the correct number of characters from the dropdown, otherwise it may result in a delay to your order.

For more info on how to add special characters (hearts, arrows etc.) please see below for more details.

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If you’ve ever wanted to see your name in lights – or, indeed, pretty much any message in light – then the incredible LumiLetters might well be just what you are after. Let’s break this down for you.

Each LumiLetter is made of sturdy wood and equipped with ultra-bright LEDs, making them stand out when you really want to get a message noticed. They’re among the brightest and best in their class, superior in quality to many of their immediate competitors, and at 22 centimetres tall they’re also bigger than a lot of their competition, making them ideal when you want a big message that really stands out.

The majority of these letters are freestanding, with just a few styles coming with a small acrylic prop to help keep them umpright, meaning you don’t need to prop them up against anything to make them stand. The LumiLetters are also equipped with wall hanging attachments, meaning you can get a special light-up message to hang on your wall whenever you like. Each letter has a rocker switch on the side, and they operate on 2xAA batteries, each light lasting approximately three hundred hours continuous use, making them ideal for leaving on over Christmas, holidays or any other occasion.

With amazing choice – all but one of the alphabet, as well as a variety of numbers and symbols – you’ll be able to buy just about whatever message you want, and there’s no better light-up-letter to do it with.

The lumiletters are approximately 22 x 14 x 5 cm.


Special Character Information

There are 4 fantastic symbols to help make your message that little bit different. They are Star, Love Heart, Arrow and Ampersand (&)

So here's how to add them to your message.

Heart: if you want your love for someone to shine for all to see (you big softy you). Simply type heart within brackets.

So for example if you select 9 lumiletters you could have: Will (heart) Jess

For a simpler option you can always chose 3 lumiletters ant type: W (heart) J

Arrow: if you want to add an arrow to your order simply type arrow in brackets

So for example if you select 4 lumiletters you could have: bar (arrow)

Star: hopefully you are getting the hang of it, but  if you want to add a star to your order simply type (star) in brackets. You can also use the star symbol on the keyboard (shift and 8 on most keyboards)

So for example if you wanted to be super arty, select 4 lumiletters and type: st (star) r or st*r

Or unsurprsingly this is the best single selling letter, so if you just want it on its own simply select 1 lumiletter and type: (Star) or *

Ampersand: Finally to add the & symbol to your order you can either type (and) or use the & symbol on the keyboard (shift and 7 on most keyboards).

The most popular combination is 3 lumiletters with the & symbol, so: S (and) H, or S&H

Don't forget to select the correct number of characters from the dropdown otherwise it may result in a delay to your order.