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Man Burger Press

In stock
  • Handy tool designed to make 12mm burgers, easily
  • Made from a high quality, non-stick aluminium design
  • Includes recipe card and 100 wax discs
  • Adjustable screw height for whatever thickness of burger you prefer
  • Perfect for all manner of burger occasions
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Who doesn’t want to make their own burgers, that true piece de resistance of any modern cooking experience? Well, now you can, with the Man Burger Press.

With this handy little piece of equipment, you’ll be able to make your own 12mm burgers, ready and waiting to be cooked and perfect for grills, roasts and BBQ parties of any and all occasions, with none of the muss and fuss of trying to keep the meat together on a regular oven. With a non-stick aluminium design that's easy to clean, you'll never get frustrated with layered-on grime and hours of scrubbing. 100 wax discs are included to help ease the process and to keep everything where it should be. It even comes with a screw height adjuster to make sure that the burgers you make are exactly the thickness you want them to be. 

With this burger press, you’ll be able to say, truthfully, that you are the height of burger-y haute cuisine. This is truly an indispensable piece of gear for the budding burger chef de cuisine.

Bon appetit.