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Marvel Deadpool Bathrobe

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  • Kick some bath in this Deadpool bathrobe!
  • Officially licensed Deadpool merch
  • Features embroidered swords and logo
  • What Wade Wilson wears when he gets out of the tub!
  • Adult-sized, so fits most that wear big-boy pants
91803_Deadpool-Outfit_Bathrobe 91803_Deadpool-Outfit_Bathrobe 91803_Deadpool-Outfit_Bathrobe
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Oh, hey, didn’t see you there! We thought we’d try something new (that we do literally every time we write a product description) and talk directly to you, shattering that fourth wall and giving us an excellent way to do what we’re really trying to do, which is make you fall in love with this Deadpool bathrobe!

Oh yeah, we feel you falling right now. Hey, do a super-hero landing when you hit the bottom! What’s that? You’re not a superhero? Well, you are now! At least, you will be when you put on this officially licensed Deadpool bathrobe.

Fortunately, this bathrobe isn’t green… or animated. It’s made of red fleece (so you can’t see the blood from your shaving nicks) and it’s so absorbent it can even soak up the torrents of sarcasm dripping from Deadpool’s every word. Oh, and did we mention it’s as soft as the spot that Wade Wilson has for the downtrodden? No? Well, it is.

This robe has Deadpool’s famous swords on its back (which are pretty much his only weapons, since he’s always forgetting his ammo bag). But, don’t worry about turning yourself into a human shish-kebab as you plop on the sofa… they’re not real, just skilfully embroidered. The same goes for the Deadpool logo on the front pocket.

Do you like your superheroes a little tongue-in-cheek? Yes? Then get your cheeks (and the rest of you) into this tongue-coloured Deadpool fleece bathrobe today!