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Metal Art Combat Robot

Special Price £750.00 was £2,000.00
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  • Beautiful repurposed scrap metal sculpture
  • Intricately detailed
  • 2.3 meters tall
  • Bound to impress
  • Perfect for any sci-fi fan
Metal Art Combat Robot 1
Metal Art Combat Robot 1 Metal Art Combat Robot 2 Metal Art Combat Robot 3 Metal Art Combat Robot 4 Metal Art Combat Robot 5
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In the future, wars won’t be fought just on Earth, but in space, and they won’t be fought by people, but fearsome machines, emotionless, merciless, efficient…

These incredible metal art models have been built from repurposed scrap metal that’s been transformed into the intimidating form of combat-ready robotic soldiers, complete with futuristic space-age rifles. Amazing for display in offices, gardens, or homes (if you’re lucky enough to have a really big house!), these are truly powerful looking metal statues that will make anyone passing by stare in wonder.

Due to the special and delicate nature of these products, we will arrange a suitable time for delivery. Please be sure to leave a telephone number when checking out, and our man Barry will be in touch to arrange the perfect time for delivering your statue. He'll even help you put it up. He's nice like that. Please allow for 7 to 10 working days for delivery - if you need it sooner, don't hesitate to give our absolutely lovely customer service team a call, and they'll help sort it all out double quick.

Please note: these statues are very large, very heavy, one-hundred percent metal statues, designed to be display pieces and not toys. Please exercise caution in the movement, setting up and display of these metal art statues, and avoid knocking, disturbing or touching them once set up.