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Metal Springy

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  • Timeless classic vintage toy
  • Endless fun for ages 5 plus
  • Learn all the Springy tricks
  • Perfect for a rainy day
  • Therapeutic toy for adults
Metal Springy
Metal Springy Metal Springy 1 Metal Springy 2
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You know it! We all know it! That’s what makes it such a classic. That - and it’s one of those toys that just never gets old because it’s just so fun!

If you never had one of these pliable, bendable, flyaway, magical toys as a kid you were missing out. Since the nineteen forties, way before Etch a Sketch, Spacehoppers or Play Doh were even an apple in the toy inventor’s eye, the humble Metal Springy was already a firm favourite. Even looking at one makes you want to play with it – they’re simply irresistible!

So if you’ve got some tempting looking stairs, there’s nothing more satisfying than the slinky sound of this simple masterpiece as it gallantly travels all the way to the bottom. Either that or learn some of the incredible Metal Springy tricks, turn your Springy into a tunnel or prison for your playmate’s toys or use it as an out of this world skipping rope. Whatever you fancy – this timeless classic is always a winner!