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Monkey Lights

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  • Awesome LED lights for your bike
  • Turns your wheels into amazing animations
  • Easily attaches to spokes with 3-point mount
  • Provides wide angle bright vibrant lighting
  • Waterproof and durable rubber construction
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If you’re a cyclist, and you ride your bike on the road, then you probably live in constant fear of the dreaded SMIDSY (Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You). No matter how good the lights on the front and rear of your bike may be there’s still a huge dark area on the sides, making busy roundabouts and junctions a heart-palpitating experience.

Monkey Lights are here to take away that terror. Super simple in concept, they’re incredibly effective in use and (perhaps even more importantly) they look super cool too. They consist of a set of powerful LED lights (4 on the M204, 10 on the M210 and an incredible 32 on the M232) that attach to the spokes of either wheel, and a battery pack that fits snugly to your hub. When your wheel spins they’ll display wonderful, vibrant patterns that are impossible to miss from either side and actually throw a good amount of light to the front or rear (depending which wheel you’ve chosen) as well.  The 4 LED M204 has a brightness of around 40 Lumens, The M210 80 Lumens and the range-topping M232 shines a massive 200 Lumens!

As well as being super bright the Monkey Lights also feature lots of different themes and colours depending on which model you have, with the M232 boasting 64 colours and a total of 42 different themes to choose from. The M232 also features incredible MonkeyFX technology which lets you have the ultimate in cool with animated light art on your bike wheels!

All models are waterproof (which is pretty much essential if you ride a bike in the UK) and are sturdily made in California from high quality, hard wearing materials. They even feature a stainless steel anti-theft strap to make sure your lights don’t fall into the wrong hands. They all run off a hub mounted battery pack which takes 3 AA cells and will give you up to 60 hours run time on the M204, 40 hours on the M210 and 20 on the M232. Installation should be a cinch for any home mechanic, with only a pair of pliers and snips needed (though you could get away with a pair of scissors if needed) but as always if you’re not sure ask someone who knows what they’re doing!

So invest in a set of Monkey Lights and banish worries of SMIDSY related incidents forever. 

Model M204 M210 M232
Number of LEDs 4 LED 10 LED 32 LED
Brightness 40 Lumens 80 Lumens 200 Lumens
360° visibility Yes Yes Yes
Full Color Yes, 8 colours Yes, 64 colours Yes, 64 colours
Themes 5 Colour themes 19 Colour themes 42 Colour themes
Waterproof IPX67 rated IPX67 rated IPX67 rated
Solid rubber construction Yes Yes Yes
Hub mounted battery Yes Yes Yes
Battery type 3 AA 3 AA 3 AA
Run time 60 hours 40 hours 20 hours
Wheel size 16, 18, 20, 24, 26, 28, 29, 700c 20, 24, 26, 28, 29, 700c 20, 24, 26, 28, 29, 700c
3-point anti-vibration mount Yes Yes Yes
Stainless steel anti-theft strap Yes Yes Yes
Monkey FX No No Yes
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years