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  • Fun game for all the family
  • Try your best to read the cards aloud whilst wearing the mouthpiece
  • Every correct guess wins you a card
  • Player with the most cards at the end wins
  • Includes timer, mouthpieces and 100 phrase cards
  • Box measures approx. 19cm x 30cm x 10cm
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For those of you seeking a new pastime that all the family can enjoy, this fun new game might be just what you’re after.

In Mouthfull, the objective is for players to have the most cards by the end – sounds easy right. Well it's definitely easier if you can understand the jibberish that your friend will be shouting out! While one player is wearing a teeth baring mouthpiece and reading from one of the hundred phrase cards (and two hundred phrases!), the other player, or players, will have to guess the exact phrase before the timer runs out. Whoever guesses correctly in time, then gets to keep the card all to themselves. Once you have dribbled through the deck, the player or team with the mosts cards is declared the winner.

This face stretching game has been taking the internet by storm recently and now you get to enjoy all the drooly fun too! Just perhaps keep this game locked away if you are trying to impress your crush... 

  • 1 x 60-second timer
  • 2 x adult sized mouthpieces
  • 3 x youth sized mouthpieces
  • 100 phrase cards (200 phrases)
  • Instructions
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