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My Keepon Interactive Dancing Robot

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  • Robot dances in time with the rhythm of clapping, patting or your fave music
  • Has two modes - Touch Mode and Dance Mode - will interacts with the owner
  • Features built-in microphone and with mood and beat detection
  • Dances in time with the rhythm of clapping, patting or your music
  • Great for kids of all ages - big and small
My Keepon Robot
My Keepon Robot My Keepon Dancing Robot My Keepon Robot 1 My Keepon Robot 2 My Keepon Robot
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EDF energy's mascot nicknamed Zingy has quickly become the nation's much loved character robot, due to their TV campaigns.The EDF mascot was inspired by the Keepon robot of YouTube fame and now the dancing, bopping My Keepon is available! Whether in Dance Mode or Touch Mode this cute robot has a huge range of sounds, moods and movements that perfectly replicate those of the EDF advert mascot.

My Keepon is a little Robot with a big personality. Simply play your favourite music and watch him show off his groovy dance moves. With a huge range of sounds, movements and emotions, this cute robot has two play modes which can be selected with buttons on his little plinth or "stage."

  • Dance mode: My Keepon dances like no other toy! A built-in microphone and state-of-the-art beat detection allows My Keepon to dance in time with the rhythm of clapping, patting, or your music. With an uncanny sense of timing and incredibly fluid movement, My Keepon will have you mesmerized as he grooves to any style.
  • Touch mode: My Keepon has an array of invisible sensors underneath his textured skin. Poke, tap, squeeze, or tickle, and My Keepon will react. My Keepon's mood also changes in response to your touch, with emotions ranging from curious, to excited, to sleepy, and everything in between.

With My Keepon's rich non-verbal "language" and impossibly cute movements, you will love getting to know his personality and making a new best friend. Just see below what other people think:

We've been having a torrid affair with the Keepon robot since 2007, his simple yellow shape and unflappable adherence to the beat capturing our hearts.
- Engadget

"The bopping blob you'll want on your birthday! It's not just a yellow blob with a cartoon face stuck on it. It's a robot called My Keepon and it dances and bobs perfectly in time to the music you play it, and it's become the latest must-have gadget."
- Metro

Dimensions: 27.4 x 14.2 x 14cm