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Nikko Psycho Gyro

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  • Extreme stunt performing car by Nikko
  • Perform amazing stunts easily at the push of a button
  • Features Nikko’s Gyro Stunt Technology
  • Drive on two wheels or pull off 360 degree spins
  • High grip tyres for multi terrain racing
  • Race up to 10 cars that’s to the 2.4GHz remote control
  • Ready to race - 3 x AAA and 1 x 9.6v rechargeable battery included
  • Quick 1 hour charge time and driving 40m range
  • Measures approx.. 26 x 18 x 10cm
Psycho Gyro 1
Psycho Gyro 1 NIKKO Psycho Gyro (EN) Psycho Gyro 2 Psycho Gyro 3 Psycho Gyro 4
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It’s no secret we do love a good old RC car at Menkind. Just about everyone can pick up the remote and be whizzing round here and there in no time at all. The problem is once mastered you quickly want to move on to stunts, or epic stunts that require mad skillz to be more precise! Thankfully the Nikko Psycho Gyro is here to make that easy peasy too! With literally just a simple press of a button you can pull off extreme stunts as if you were some kind of remote control god.

If you’ve seen any car chase from any movie there will at some point be the inevitable car banked on two wheels bit. With the Nikko Psycho Gyro you don’t need years of stuntman training, just push the button and up it goes for insane two-wheel driving! There are even two other tricks to effortlessly impress with that send the car into phenomenal, 360 degree, vortex spins for the ultimate wow factor! All of the above is thanks to some very clever gyro technology built into the centre of the car that can even get it up on just one wheel (we’d like to see how many other rc cars can do that!!!)

The Nikko Psycho Gyro features high grip rubber tyres making in perfect for multiple types of terrains and the 2.6GHz remote allows for 10 players to all drive at the same time for high octane, trick-laden races!

Not only does it drive well but with its futuristic design it looks the part too! Measuring at a decent 26cm it’s just the right size for indoor and outdoor driving and even the batteries are included so you can drive it right out of the box!