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Orbotix Sphero 2.0

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  • New and improved Sphero 2.0 gaming ball system
  • 2x faster, 3x brighter and even smarter than ever
  • It's waterproof, pet proof and can move across any terrain
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets and has a 100 foot range
  • Includes 2 portable stunt ramps and an inductive charging unit
Orbotix Sphero 2.0
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The Sphero has just had a makeover! Introducing the Sphero 2.0 - the new and improved gaming ball system which is 2x faster 3x brighter and way smarter than ever before.  Just connect it to your chosen device using the Bluetooth technology and control its movements by tilting, touching or swinging your smartphone or tablet.  The Bluetooth connectivity also boasts a massive 100 foot range for long distance gameplay- twice as far as before.

The Sphero 2.0 can roll at speeds of up to 7 feet per second, which smashes the previous Sphero’s record of 3 feet per second and it’s 3x brighter than before with a whole range of illuminating colours for night time gameplay.

Don’t worry about taking your Sphero off-piste, as it is waterproof, pet proof and ready and waiting for any adventure you want to take it on.  Want to race across rough terrain and then straight into deep water? The Sphero 2.0 can roll along the ground and glide through the water effortlessly meaning you’re never restricted on where you want to take it and its durable polycarbonate shell give the Sphero 2.0 a tough and strong outer body.

The Sphero 2.0 is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or any Android device and has 25 mobile apps to choose from to launch a whole new world of mobile gameplay.  It also comes with two portable ramps to let you create gravity defying stunt jumps and leaps. Addiitonaly the new and improved Sphero 2.0 comes with an inductive charging base to make your life easier when your ball runs out of battery.

Apps include:

  • Sphero Drive - The Driving App built just for Sphero
    Drive Sphero with joystick, tilt, or old-school remote controls. Create challenging courses, race against friends and family, or turn out the lights for a little night racing.
  • Sphero Chromo - Match the color. Beat the clock.
    Get ready to challenge your coordination and your memory with the first app that lets you use Sphero as a controller. Move Sphero to match the colors on your screen for an entirely new way to challenge yourself. You can choose from six different game modes. Chromo is initially available for iOS only
  • Sphero Macrolab - Unleash Sphero's Inner Robot. 
    Create easy, repeatable programs and macros for Sphero. Arrange simple commands and settings in any combination you choose to let Sphero drive autonomously, follow unique patterns, and more. Play your commands, save favorites, and even share them with friends. Multiball capability only available on Android.
  • Sphero Draw N Drive. If you can draw it, Sphero can drive it.
    Use your finger to trace a shape or path on the screen and Sphero will follow it before your eyes. Just give your smartphone or tablet a shake to clear the slate.
  • Sphero Golf -A totally new swing on golf.
    Sphero is the ball and your phone is the club. Pick a hole then swing your phone or flick a finger to hit.
  • And many more!!!!!

What’s In the Box:

  • Your new best friend, Sphero.
  • Pop-out ramps to catch some big air right out of the box.
  • Inductive charging base to make your life easier.
  • Quick Start guide to get you rolling problem free.
  • Endless free games and apps available on iTunes and Google Play. 
  • Power Adapter (110V - 240V compatible, USA style plug) 
Technical Specifications
  • Twice as fast as the original Sphero
  • Three times brighter LED’s
  • Bluetooth – 50ft range (15 metres)
  • 7ft per second
  • 3 hours charge for 1 hours play
  • Compatible with iOS 4.0 or greater
  • iPod Touch (3rd and 4th gen)
  • iPhone 4s, 4 and 3GS
  • iPad 2 and iPad
  • Android devices with OS
  • 2.2, 2.3.3+ and 3.0+
  • 110/220 plug
  • 1 x Sphero V2
  • 2 x Ramps
  • 1 x Quickstart guide
  • 1 x 110/220V power adaptor
  • 1x UK Plug supplied
  • 1 x Wireless Inductive Charging cradle
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