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Pass Out Drinking Game

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  • Try your hand at the worlds best selling drinking game - Pass Out
  • Each counter features a different forfeit e.g. "Blue Player Drink"
  • The aim of the game is to collect all the pink elephant cards
  • Complete tounge twisters to collect cards
  • For 2 or more players and for ages 18+
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Ring of Fire, Fuzzy Duck, Beer Pong - we have all played these drinking games round our friends house, but now it's time to step things up. Introducing the worlds best selling adult drinking game - Pass Out.

The aim of the game is to travel around the board collecting as many pink elephants as you can. In order to win one of these prolific elephants then you must recite one of the tricky tongue twisters such as: "Theophilus The Thistle Sifter While Sifting A Sifter Full Of Thistles, Thrust Three Thousand Thistles Through The Thick Of His Thumb". Sounds relatively easy when sober but as the drinks start flowing things become rather tricky. Each time you get one wrong you must take another drink, so it just gets harder and harder. Additionally each square on the board features another command for certain players, for example "Blue Counter Take a Drink" and "All Drink" so things get messy rather quickly.  This game is for 2 or more players and is strictly for 18's and over.

  • Game board
  • 4 play pieces
  • 2 dice
  • Passout cards
  • Pink elephant cards
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